Saturday, 12 January 2013

Shalimar Indian & Mughlai Restaurant

2/40 Albion Street, Warwick, Queensland.
07-4661 8000

Just about every town in Australia with over three or four thousand people has a Chinese restaurant, but it's only the lucky ones that get their very own Indian restaurant and take out.  Warwick on the Darling Downs in southern Queensland, with a population of over ten thousand, has had one for a couple of years.  It was just barely OK and frankly over priced and the food was a bit stodgy.

About a year ago, thankfully, it changed hands, and now it's something special everyone in Warwick can rave about. There is a full menu of curries from different regions of India featuring delicious tandoori baked dishes and bread, meat, seafood and vegetarian.  The portions are very generous and the prices are really really good.  I mean three courses with a side for under $30 (on average).  Wow!!

The flavours are amazing, be it a Masala, Vindaloo, Malabari, Madras, Saagwala or Biryani to name but a few.  The staff take the time to fuss over you and if you ask they will explain the wonderful spices that create the magic that is great Indian cuisine.

We loved it and we'll definitely be back (once I burn off a few hundred calories on the old treadmill).  And here is something the people of Warwick need to know about.  The freaking lunchtime specials are only ten bucks.  I'm not kidding, any curry with rice and a cold drink for only ten bucks.  Double WOW!!

I love curries so much, just writing about them is making me really hungry.  So, if you live in or near Warwick, don't cook dinner tonight, treat yourself at Shalimar Indian Restaurant and support a fantastic local business.  And if you live anywhere else in the world, it's time to explore your local Indian cuisine and discover the richness and variety of flavours that are out there waiting for a food trekker like you to come along and enjoy them.

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