Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dracula's Theatre Restaurant

100 Victoria Street, Melbourne.

Sorry, no photography inside.
 I’ve got to tell you that I had my doubts about a theatre restaurant with a horror theme but I got the surprise of my life.  This was a really excellent night out.  The entertainment was an amazing mix of musical comedy, cabaret, burlesque, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and music hall all rolled into a non stop hand clapping toe tapping sing along good time. 

3 million customers and counting. 
 The theatre is run like a well oiled machine as guests are greeted and led through a house of horrors d├ęcor to the bar, complete with glass floor with a body in a coffin under your feet.  You are then invited to ride the in house ghost train.  The atmosphere is Halloween fun with shrieks and screams from party loving patrons.  As we were ushered into the main theatre towards our table by Elvira Queen of Darkness, a rhythm and blues band of vampires blew everyone away from the stage. 
The makeup and costumes is first class, equalled only by the amazing musical talent of the performers.  The vampires teeth are so well done, I started to wonder if they really were vampires treading the boards for their next pint of the red stuff.

Now, let’s talk about the food.  It was ok.  That’s it.  That’s all I can say about it.  It was just ok.  These guys put out three courses to hundreds of people with military precision.  Everyone gets each course within the same couple of minutes, which is pretty impressive.  The desert is a mass produced chocolate coffin filled with cream.  Cute, but ho hum.  The other dishes were fairly pedestrian but at least they arrived hot.
Even the street hawkers outside are entertaining.

This is where you have to think about what constitutes a good time.  Is it great food above atmosphere, or the other way around?  The way I look at our night at Dracula's is this.  We were treated to a world class show of dancing singing and amazing special effects, something that would sit well in Vegas, Broadway or London.  We didn’t go hungry or thirsty, and we totally enjoyed ourselves for about 80 bucks each.  Thats a bargain.

So I can honesty say to all of our wonderful readers that a night out at Dracula’s in Melbourne is worth every cent and a wonderful way to spend an evening.   
Karl (Count Karl the un-dead foodie)

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