Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bryson’s Place Café, Warwick, Queensland.

If you’re ever in Warwick Queensland, better known as the Rose City and renowned for its famous world class rodeo, there’s no better place to stop for breakfast or lunch or just a cuppa than Bryson’s Place.  Smack in the middle of the main street, Bryson’s Place is as inviting and interesting as any café in Australia.  I’ve enjoyed a meal here several times and I just can’t believe the great quality and value for money food available. 

Bryson’s offer guests alfresco and café style dining areas within a warm, comfortable and friendly environment.  You’ll dine surrounded by beautiful home and giftwares from exquisite art deco statuettes to genuine Cornishware crockery, framed prints and a huge array of home decorations.  There’s even a florist on hand to create a stunning arrangement just for you. 

The menu is amazing, with a complete all day breakfast section, Deluxe Gourmet Sandwiches, Classic Toasties, Turkish Bread Delights and my favourite, the Open Grilled Sandwiches.  Just as an example of how good the prices are, the full serve of an open grill is $16 and a half serve is only $8.  I have tried to eat a whole serve but can only eat a half serve, which is made up of two open sandwiches.  Just about any filling is available from Turkey to Smoked Salmon and everything in between.   I just love the smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion, avocado and brie.  The combination reminds me of a New York bagel and is called the Neptune.  The vegetarian is excellent as well.  Everything is fresh and absolutely delicious.  Honestly, I can’t see how they make a profit at these prices.

There’s nothing better than to finish off a great lunch than some expertly prepared coffee with a wickedly tasty dessert.  Then if you can still stand after all that food, waddle around the shop and pick out something special from amongst the treasures that are in every corner for yourself or someone you love.

The Warwick “Jumpers in July” winter jazz festival is right around the corner, so there’s no better time to plan your Darling Downs adventure to Warwick and the Granite Belt and to check out Bryson’s Place.  Once you do, you’ll find lots of other good reasons to come back and visit.

Kelly’s Take  “Bryson’s Place” The first time I went to Bryson’s Place a friend took me for morning tea on my birthday.  I was so pleasantly surprised and had such a lovely experience that I have now lost count of my visits.
My impression before that first visit was of a tiny coffee/gift/flower shop.  It certainly is all of those things but as I discovered it is so much more.  For a start it is not tiny at all.  Bryson’s is a bit like what I would imagine Aladdin’s Cave to be, full to the brim with treasures and bigger on the inside than on the outside.  If you cannot find something to your taste, you are not looking very hard, with many lovely and unusual collectable items from china to scarves to paintings and handmade soaps. It is all there and makes for a lovely atmosphere.
The food and coffee is of the highest quality and the prices are very reasonable.  The service is quick and the whole place is sparkling clean.  A wonderful place to go for a little escape.


  1. Great review, I and my wife think this the best eatery in Warwick so I heartidly agree with this review

  2. I read this review with great interest, as Bryson's is our (my wife and I)is or favourite eating place in Warwick. Living locally I read the review with interest and thought it a very accurate assessment of Brysons. Helen loves the gift section of the shop and buys presents for all our friend here, where as I mainly love the food. When ever we have friends visit Warwick Brysons is always a place we take our visitors. they are always impressed.We get a lotof good feedback. James

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