Saturday, 14 April 2012

A fresh look at dining out.

Welcome to our new restaurant and food review blog.  You'll be able to share our joy of food as we explore many well known and not so well known restaurants.  We will even be reviewing cafes and other food outlets and let you in on some hidden secrets where you can enjoy some delicious discoveries for yourselves.

To kick off, we travel from our home base in the Queensland Darling Downs to Melbourne, to experience the wonders of the rich multiculural food available that Melbourne is famous for.  We will visit a couple of famous celebrity chefs establishments and trackdown some excellent chefs who should be celebrities.

I'll have my trusty Nikon with me, so I'll be able to show you some of our food adventures and the dishes we enjoy.  We will give you an idea of whats on the menu and what prices to expect.  Service is so important and we'll let you know about that as well.

So, keep an eye on this blog because it's going to be exciting (and delicious).  This is where you will find out what these resaurants are really like.

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